Thursday, December 29, 2011

Royal Flora

The Royal Flora first opened in 2006 to celebrate the King's 60th year of reign here in Thailand. It has been open since that time but it is a big deal this year because the King turned 84 in December. I went with a few friends to visit it over our Christmas break. Enjoy the photos that are out of order (just warning you!)!

It is close enough to bike Annalisa and I took our bikes and we parked
with the "bikes." Yes, we are tough biker chicks! 

I borrowed Annalisa's  umbrella to have fun with the Thai ones!

Elephants made out of plants...

Took this picture for my dad- we are true Danes! I also had frozen yogurt
at the same place.

Orchid gardens

yes the three orchid animals

A prize for the 1st person to comment and tell me why I took this picture
and mail from Thailand for everyone who guesses as well!

The cows reminded me of the Snoopys in St. Paul
-at the Netherlands garden

As Annalisa would say "No wonder we have trouble buying shoes here!"
-at the Netherlands garden

The sign by the exit...always reminds me of Toy Story

The entrance by the sun and water guys...we even wore the right colors! 

There were many gardens from different the Canadian had
to have a photo by the Canada sign- in her Canada shirt!

Not sure what this was....but it was interesting...

The interesting tunnel with gourds hanging down from the vines!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas with the Templetons

I was able to spend Christmas with a family that I spent Christmas Eve with in Brasil! What a blessing. Andy is already planning another Christmas on another continent with me. I guess it is pretty neat that I have had Christmas in three different continents and two with the Templetons. Since we had already spent a Christmas Eve together Gina was able to help me make Rommergrot, yummy! 

Since Christmas was on a Sunday this year we decided to start celebrating early. After riding on an elephant (watch for a post about that) on Friday morning I packed my bag and went over to the Templetons' for an early Christmas Eve. We made the Rommergrot, Lefsa, etc and the boys got one present- beanbags. After that we watched a movie and cleaned up the kitchen:)

"Christmas" morning was on Saturday for us. We opened presents and then had brunch, Gina had made a yummy egg bake and we had cinnamon rolls. Then it was clean up and cookie time. Gina, Josh and I decorated sugar cookies. We played some games and got a late dinner/ early supper ready. We had chicken enchiladas with Andy's sister and brother-in-law. Then more clean up and games!

The real Christmas morning I ran a 10k (more about that in another post:)) and then got to church on time. After church I went out to eat with the Templetons and then back to their house for more games! We love Ticket to Ride: Europe and Bohnanza:) In the evening I chatted with my mom (6am her time) and played more games at my friend's house. The next morning I got up at 6am to skype with the family- it was fun to see many of the relatives! So that was my 1st Christmas in Thailand. Here are some photos of the fun!

Eating Rommergrot

Family photo?!?!

Mom and Erica...Josh loved his catalog and would love for you to save the others when you get them!

Nate enjoyed looking through it as well...I bought that cool angry bird hat for Gina!

I think this was the 2nd and last time she has worn the hat...
I gave it to her to wear when we went camping...
she didn't- I did haha
Andy can't wait for crazy hat day at school....

Nate got an angry bird from Josh....

Christmas Day and a new bike= only time you can ride it in the house!

Beanbags and a new Wii game- they were happy all morning!

Look at those beautiful cookies!

Christmas in the Park- December 10, 2011

Christmas in the Park has been going on for a few years now at Grace. We decorate the elementary building with lights (I helped with that top row of lights) and put up a stage in the elementary playground area. The neighborhood, etc is invited to join us for an evening of music, food, little message, etc. It is in English and Thai. It is a great outreach in the community. After the program they played a Christmas movie if people wanted to stay and watch one on the big screen:) This year they played the Polar Express and served popcorn. 

getting food, etc before the program started

Korean fan dance

Christmas Carols....

MCs for the evening, Kruu Meow (my Thai teacher) was the Thai MC for the night. She did a great job!

I think my favorite part was when they sang Silent Night in 7 languages...they took turns singing different sections. The school itself has over 27 nationalities represented, so I guess we could have had even more languages...
English and Thai (if I remember correctly)

I believe this was Norwegian and Karen (a hill tribe language)-
 this man is our custodian  for the elementary building and he often checks out books from the library!
All the languages: Norwegian, Thai, English, Korean, German, Karen, Burmese 
(not necessarily in the correct order)

Watching the movie....

The rest of these pictures were taken during the day so you could see things!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Aunt 5 times over!!!

I am happy to announce that my sister had her 5th baby on December 26th in the evening! The boys are thrilled to have another sister and I am pretty sure that at some point in her life Berean will be happy too. :) She might not be too happy about it at first...hehe Enjoy the update and photo on my sister's blog:

I had a nice Christmas and will be updating my blog soon with different activities I have been doing since we don't have school right now! I have been busy with lots of fun things.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Agape goes to the Zoo

Agape Orphanage, which I have shared about before, had an outing with their "big brother/sister" from Grace to the Zoo in December. I was in charge of a group of amazing girls and their buddies! 

Remember this little elephant from the first time I went to the Zoo?

He has grown from the last time! Here is my group with the elephant!

Feeding the elephants!

I just love the baby elephant!

This lucking girl gets two buddies!

Here is one of my TAs who is not going to help in the library next semester:( 
She is a senior this year and a lot of fun! I will miss her!

Don't you love this little boy! His buddy bought him this hat. 
All the Grace kids bought a gift for their buddies. They were so excited! 
You can't tell here but his buddy is super tall and he is so little.

Eating pizza in the Zoo- yummy!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Decorations from Johanna, etc

My friend Johanna sent me a package of different Christmas decorations and fun stuff! It helped me to decorate the library. We are done with school on Friday, so I will take down my decorations from the library and bring them home to add to the decorations at home!

Here is Johanna with me in Brasil! I can't wait until she comes to visit me here!

The kids have LOVED the window clings that are oh so sticky! They are always standing at the doors touching them.

The little green Christmas tree helped to decorate the Christmas book display.

Close up of the tree.

The snowman and snowflake window clings are also fun to touch!
She sent me this amazing Rudolph nose that lights-up. I put it on during part of the Elementary staff Christmas party. Unfortunately, it fell off my desk and the battery got put out of place- so it doesn't light up anymore:(
This is my roommate who teaches 3rd grade. 
My table at the party.