Monday, December 23, 2013

Thai Christmas Caroling

I finally went Christmas Caroling with my roommate's Thai church this year. Well, actually I went caroling for half the night- I had been sick earlier in the week and couldn't make it until 5:40am!

The Thais go caroling all night long! They go to peoples' houses who know that they are coming, so they are prepared with food and drinks. They either give them something to take with them or invite them in the house.
We met at someone's house at 7:30pm - actually we arrived there at that time, but no one else really showed up until closer to 8:15pm. We had 3 pick-up trucks to pile into as we drove around the city. Now I know to Minnesotans- 50s isn't cold...but in the back of a pick-up truck going 50-60 mph it gets a little cold! 

At the houses we sang and then the pastor would pray for the people at that house.  Then it was eating soup and drinking coffee or collecting a gift and going on. I went around until midnight when we stopped at my friend's house who also attends the church. I was encouraged to stop while I still felt good :) Best advice of the night! She took me home and the rest of them continued on. My roommate got home at 5:40am!!

For me I got to have the "best" of both worlds, because my other roommate was going to be the last stop for her church's caroling group that same night. I stayed up a little later and helped serve them meatballs, bread and cookies. Of course there was also hot chocolate to drink. At about 2am I was in bed...a late night for this old person :)

What a neat way to celebrate Christ's birth here in Thailand. A different tradition and way of doing things yet worshiping and celebrating the same Lord! I am always so moved every time I sing in Thai with other believers- we serve such an amazing God. One that loves each one of us and knows all our languages but even more than that....our hearts!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Songs...

These songs make me laugh and cry at the same time! WHY do they play them on the radio over and over again?!? 
They are not in any order...but enjoy listening to them again and again if you would like.

Christmas Shoes I really don't think I need to say anymore about this song. Just read what Jon Acuff at Stuff Christians Like says about it.

I am so glad there is a song called Christmas Makes Me Cry it makes Christmas away from home that much more enjoyable. Seriously, why do I want to sing a song (or listen to one) about crying at Christmas. I don't care if they are tears of joy, faithfulness, or hope...don't sing about them.

Why are we asking Where's the Line to See Jesus? We should know the answer- You don't have to wait in a line at the mall to see Jesus! The first time I heard this song I waited and waited for them to somehow say that important truth. Oh they do say how important Jesus is...which I agree with, but I would like them to at least mention that you don't need to wait in a line to talk to Jesus. I can talk to Jesus anywhere I would like at anytime I would like without going to the mall. I am not going to wait in a line to take a picture with someone dressed up as Jesus. Stepping off of my soapbox now- about that song anyway.

I just heard The Day After Thanksgiving by Brandon Heath. I really like Brandon Heath, but this song should be sang as a joke and not a "true" song. I don't mind the idea behind it and I don't decorate before Thanksgiving, but really- a whole song on the subject?! And they play it on K- Love?! That is going a little too far.

What are some of the songs that make you want to cry for all the wrong reasons?! 
Feel free to disagree with me as well. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thursday, December 5, 2013


These last four were all at a cave we went to during Oct. break.