Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Signs Take 2

More fun signs from me to you!

No loud bangs outside my window...of course the weeds are over taking the sign...

Couldn't get this turned the right way...but you understand the message right?!?!

Hmmm I guess we should be careful....

Some people from Chick-fil-A came to our school...and we added
our mascot to their sign....Go Tigers!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bowling in Thailand

Bowling in Thailand:
We got three games for probably around 3 dollars (including shoes), 
but we had to continually reset our lane, etc. This made our games last a lot longer than expected, 
so we started "speed bowling." We just took turns the whole time and no one paid any attention to names, etc. I think we got some of our best scores that round!

 For some reason I have very long legs and arms when bowling :) 

 All in all bowling in Thailand is pretty much the same as bowling in the US.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Soccer- Five Nations Tournament

Soccer took up most of my October break....this coming from the girl who didn't even consider soccer a "true" sport 6 years ago. Then I moved to Brasil for two years and you pretty much have to love soccer to live there :) And I have grown to love the sport- it does take great skill and is fun to watch. 

The other reason I wanted to watch soccer all break was because Nate is a senior and this will be the last year to watch him play. Nate is the oldest of the family I knew in Brasil and they are like a second family to me. Right when I got here last year, he requested that I stay two years so I could see him graduate. I consider it my job to make sure he has an "Aunt" in the stands as much as possible! Last year, he was embarrassed when I cheered, but he has grown to truly enjoy it! haha

Number 4 was staying with Nate's family during the tournament and since his family couldn't be there to cheer him on we made a sign for him. I think my cheering helped because he was the 3rd highest scorer for the team and he didn't even start any of the games! I would like to say that I made him a household name in the stands- everyone asked who number 4 was the first game, but by the last one they were all cheering with me!

My wonderful friend who helped me make the signs and Nate's parents- Gina and Andy. He was a coach this year and as you can tell very happy about their win....or maybe just happy to be in the photo?

Crazy fans!

Half Time Show- 
One of the coach's sons made a G, I, S and brought paper clips so we could clip them to our shirts. You can't really see the letters...but we did a have an amazing cheer for game 3! He also worked hard and made a sign for every player with their names on them. 

The teams "wai" the refs, coaches, and fans for both teams after every game.

Praying after winning the championship game

I was the head cheerleading coach.... kids would check with me before they ran up and down the sidelines with signs. Of course it was better to have them run up and down with signs cause they are so much cuter than I am! In fact the people trying to sell food jumped on this as a great advertising tactic and sent kids out with signs about the food!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Learning Tai...Karla's way...

Here I am in the second country I have lived in and trying to learn another language
 (1st two attempts didn't go so well...Spanish and Portuguese)...
3rd times a charm right!?!?!

the girl who could barely learn English...
the girl with the memory and speech troubles as a kid
the one who is tone deaf, but the blessing is a true talent of singing off key!

Yes, I am that girl and now I am trying to learn a tonal language....
high tone, low tone, falling tone, rising tone, mid tone...

can't you hear it...
it wasn't falling- it was rising...
does it matter?
well, do you want a tiger or shirt at the market---

I have to make connections...
something I can relate to...
something that fits with what I know...
I need to make it a game...
 see it...
 hear it....
say it...

So here is your first tai lesson from me :) 
I can't read tai so I am learning tai phonetically...

pii (falling tone) saao (rising tone)= older sister
it is pronounced "pee sow"
it took me awhile to stop laughing every time I called my sisters "sow"

muu (with lines through the uu)= pork
it is pronounced "moo"
ok so I just think cows say "moo" but it really means pork (pig)

sua (with line through u and rising tone)= tiger
sua (with line through u and falling tone) = shirt
just remember that if you saw a tiger you would probably raise your voice and end with an aaaahhhhhh

aa chiip (falling tone)= occupation
sounds just like "a sheep" 
at least it sounds like that to me :)

bplaa= fish
sounds like "blah" and I agree I don't really like eating fish

Hope you learned something today by reading "learn tai-Karla's way"
Stay toned for another lesson in a month or two :)