Friday, August 31, 2012

Quotes from Kids in Thailand

I have been trying to write down different things kids have said, but always seem to forget to send them out and then I forget them altogether! Here are some from this year and last year...

"Hey Mom, that is the library!" K student seeing me walk down the street.

1st grader : "You're not perfect?"
Me: "No, I am not. No one is perfect."
1st grader: "You look perfect to me."

After one day of being sick and not at school, I was greeted this way: "Oh, I thought you died..." says a 1st grader as he hurries past me on his way to the beanbags.

During one of my lessons with 2nd or 3rd graders last year I asked the class were paper came from and one student quickly told me "trees." Then another student raised their hand and said, "You can also make paper out of elephant poo!" Yes, yes, you can....

I was playing a game to start thinking of the difference between non-fiction and fiction with the first grade classes. They were suppose to say one thing that was true about them and one thing that was not. Then we would guess which was the "fiction" thing about them. My examples were all very realistic fiction things....cause the point of the game was to make it hard for us to guess which thing was not true. We had been playing for a little while when one little boy said, "I have a cat and I am a WHALE!" I tried to have a straight face when I asked one of the students which thing they thought was NOT true about this boy (all their hands were up and ready to answer). Yes, they got it right- there is no whale in that class:)

While looking at a picture of my sisters, nephews, nieces, and my dad- one girl said- "He looks more like a grandpa than a dad." I happily informed her that he was indeed a dad AND a grandpa! 
In about 20 years her dad will probably look more like a grandpa, too:)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

7 Eleven

As a kid in Minnesota we had a 7Eleven but then it closed and I just thought they were a thing of the past....oh the things I learn...

I came to Thailand and there are 7Elevens EVERYWHERE!!! You can pay most of your bills there as well as get the "normal" things.

Then I went to Colorado to visit friends and they informed me that there are still 7Elevens in the states, too. I have led a sheltered life:)

When I got back to Thailand my roommate really wanted to sit on a curb in front of a 7Eleven and drink a Slurpee...what a great idea...
It must have been a real "knee slapper" April:)

 There was no curb but we found some small stools to sit on....
Not sure why she is looking at me like this...cause it was her idea!

What we always wanted to do...have a Slurpee in front of 7Eleven

Some people didn't want to have a Slurpee...we let them come anyway...

Yes, we are pretty cool...and so lucky to have someone stop into 7Eleven
that we knew so we could get our picture taken!

And I must confess....we went again get ice cream...maybe it will become a Saturday  roommate tradition....

Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to Thailand....

I arrived back in Thailand a week ago...

School starts tomorrow...

I could say I didn't update the blog because I was so busy, but that wouldn't be totally the truth:) 

Let's just say I was being lazy in my online communicating....

But all that is an update

It is humid here...I forgot what humidity is and I am from Minnesota...

Rice is getting planted now- I "stole" some pictures so you could see what the fields look like...

These pictures were taken from the house I lived in part of last year. When the people are planting/ harvesting their rice they live in the "houses" you see in this picture.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Grandma Olsen and Deacon
Evening at the ballpark:)

Sisters and mom

Berean and Grandma Joyce

Dad, his girls and his grandkids

4 generations...

The Zoo

A wedding

Just hanging out...this one likes his picture taken:)