Monday, February 27, 2012

The Seniors' Robin Hood Carnival

Every year the Senior class puts on a carnival in January for the school to earn money for their class trip, etc. They pick a movie theme and set up the carnival with that theme and then show the movie once it gets dark around 7pm. This year's theme was Robin Hood (the kid version) and the seniors did a great job! I don't have many photos but I hope you enjoy these:
You could pay money to put other people in jail for a set amount of time...

Here I am with one of the Senior Sponsors- a math teacher in the high school

another Senior Sponsor and she lives two doors down from me...

They even had a jumpy castle thingy

The students all dress up like the characters from the movie

Jousting- we loved the motorbike helmets the kids had to wear

More fun and characters...

Sling shot....
The kids did a great job and I wish I had more pictures of all the fun activities and food! 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

What is different?????

Look at this picture very can't look back after you scroll down the page to the next picture....

This is a picture I took back in August or September from the library (second floor).

Okay when you feel ready you can scroll down to the next picture

remember no looking back

almost there

So you tell me...what is different? 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thai Lessons

I haven't talked about my Monday evenings very much but they are full of fun and learning! My roommate, Tami and I have asked one of the Thai teachers from school to teach us Thai once a week. Kruu (teacher) Meow is one fun girl! She is very patient with this tone deaf student and is always coming up with fun things to do with us! We have been meeting every Monday since around the end of September.

This is part 1 of my story that I wrote and then memorized in Thai to share for one class.
I talked about this made up person "Sarah" I said how old she was and what country she was from. I shared what food she liked/ didn't like and where she is going to school. She is studying to be a nurse.

Part 2 of my story about "Sarah." She wants to get a pink house and right now she has a yellow bedroom and green car.  She watches TV at night with her glasses on and she doesn't like studying Japanese. :)
 Great story huh!?!? Yes, I shared it all in Thai!

Kruu Meow likes having us play games as we review information. She has brought a magnetic dart board (answer a question without help and we get to stand closer to the board). One night she made paper fish that we were suppose to blow across the blow for each right answer. She loves to compete so she gets to play too....
 Here I am trying to blow the fish you can't see!

Kruu Meow...blowing her can kind of see is light purple

 Tami trying to blow our can see that Kruu Meow is proud that her fish is so much farther than ours....

Here we are having dinner
I am really enjoying the challenge of learning Thai (speaking it...I can't read or write it..). I still am at the stage that I can speak it to my roommates and teacher but am not usually quick enough to think of the correct thing to say when out shopping etc. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Got a Valentine Day package from... sister, Erica! I don't really like this picture of me...but wanted to get one of Erica in here...

She got me M&Ms, pudding, a granola bar and a little note....

also included in the package were some drawings from two of the nephews....
Love this picture of the can see that "mom" is holding baby Everyn- there is also a great story
about Pikachu who I guess is part of the family too.

Lincoln was sad that he hadn't sent me a picture in the last package- pretty nice drawing!
I think that big brother, Deacon helped as well!

Another one from Linc, thanks buddy!

Boys, the pictures are up by my desk in the library! I smile every time I see them! 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Minute-to-Win-It Party

A few of the girls from school decided that it would be fun to have a Minute-to-Win-It party. Basically there are just crazy things that you have to do in a minute or less. The girls found the games online and they even found a video for each game to show us before we took the challenge! We were divided into 4 teams of 4 or 5 each and one team member had to do each game. We only got points if we completed the task in a minute or less. I don't have pictures of all the games but here are some of the games...

The Purple People Eaters! 

In the is game you had to bounce a ping-pong ball into the cup and then put that cup on the
bottom of the stack- until you got all the cups full of ping-pong balls.

Trying to get at least 125 "steps" in a minute...kind of like headbanging...
glad I didn't have to do this one..

Mel moved her whole body and not just her head!

Moving cotton balls with vaseline and your nose

Moving 4 M&Ms up the up on 2 pencils and then getting them into your mouth without your hands

trying to keep the pencils even

putting the M&Ms on...

Getting 12 shoes to land on the table across the room  with only your feet-
We only hit the ceiling once...

Kick those shoes...

Rolling toilet paper around your body with no hands...waiting to start

Trying to bounce pencils into the cups-a pencil in each of the four cups

Trying hard...I got one in:)

Shooting rubber bands and trying to knock down 4 different targets of
clothes pins holding playing cards

My wonderful teammate began throwing the rubber bands when the shooting didn't go so well!

Lining up the rubber band in hopes of knocking down a card or two

Balancing 7 cookies on their forehands...

She had two coaches...

"Move it a little to the right, now left...."

Picking up different size paper bags with your mouth-
not touching the ground with anything but your feet.

She's got it!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Future School Site

Our school has bought some land where we hope to build our school some day:) Right now we are in an old sport club type building that originally was for the neighborhood. It is still open to the public on the nights and weekends. We have also added the elementary building etc. The community would like to get the building back and we need more room and it would be nice to be in a place that is designed for the purpose of a school. This last week we spent an afternoon praying for the future school etc at the actual land. 
Enjoy the pictures...
Looking at the future site of the elementary building

looks like we could start classes next week:)
                                   Ready for class!

My roommate- a 3rd grade teacher
The blue team! You can buy these "tiger truck" t-shirts and the
money goes to moving the dirt to level out the land- if you want one let
me know and I can get you! It is a tiger truck because our school mascot
is a tiger.

Rice fields right next to our land

Moving dirt!

Standing in the shade...

looking at the map of the property...where the buildings will be...

This little building is right were the administration building and LIBRARY will be!
Right in between the middle/ high/ elementary schools- connected by a walkway....

So excited!

Smiling for the camera...

The librarians....

Future high school

Roommate and running buddies

Praying  together

"Keep on the path- didn't you see all the pictures of the snakes that we have found around here?"
"Shhhh, don't tell, but we already walked through the weeds..."
Thai teaching staff

My good friend who works in the special needs department
 and her daughter- one of my students.

Heading out on our prayer walk around the  entire property...