Saturday, November 22, 2014

Jolly Rancher

What is a single Jolly Rancher worth? 

not much....maybe a few pennies

Yet, it depends on how you come to get that Jolly Rancher...

Walking down the hallway of a school crowded with children...

A 5th grade boy giving you a hug and handing you a Jolly Rancher out of his coat pocket. 

"Why are you giving me this Jolly Rancher"

"Cause you are the best"

"Oh thank you, I think you are the best."

Not sure why or when he decided to give me that Jolly Rancher- probably just popped into his head at that moment, but....

This is a boy with emotional problems.

This is a boy whose family lives with others with no place to call their own.

This is a boy who gets picked on daily. 

This is why I wanted to teach...

This what makes the hard days worth it....

So this one Jolly Rancher-  it is priceless

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